The Clandestine Revolution

by (swedish) Death Polka

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Thirteen Light Bulbs
A representation of Lena Dekatria, found in a secret cave where members of the "Order of the 13 Dimensions" used to meet during the 1940's on Antiterra. She was supposed to be a parallel traveller, who was regularly visiting the 13th known dimensions using her hand-made light bulbs. Members of the Order dedicated their lives to locate the lost electrical spheres.


released May 20, 2005

Music By – Guillaume Lizotte, Sam Murdock
Photography By – André Gagnon
Producer – (swedish) Death Polka
Recorded By – Guillaume Lizotte, Sam Murdock
Remix – Aidan Norton (tracks: 4, 6, 8)
Mastered By, Programmed By – Richard Lemoine (tracks: 2)
Written-By – Guillaume Lizotte, Sam Murdock
Artwork – Julien Pacaud

(P572 CD 04)





all rights reserved


(swedish) Death Polka

Sam Murdock + Guillaume Lizotte
Neo-classical-ambiant-pop since 2003

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Track Name: Riot
I just got back from the doctor’s office
It seems like I always get there after I am sick
My doctor was sick so I had this other Guy, I liked him
He didn’t try to make small talk when he was up my shirt
Track Name: Clandestine Fashion
We can’t avoid them, so we charge head first blind and beautiful
There’s no way they can steal this feeling from us
The feeling of knowing we are gold
and our hands are glowing for the righteous causes and the right reasons
The only secret that’s left is the one we are creating right now
The clandestine fashion we are building is slowly taking over their heads and feet.

We can cut our own nails, we can eat colorful things
We can dance to the original glam blast
We can play for hours, and then play for days
We are beautiful sugary youngsters

There’s nothing to stop us now
And if you don’t fall in love now, we never will
We can’t wait to adore this culture that we hate
This is the beginning
You are reading the letters, the words
This is for you in the springtime
The secret of you and I
Track Name: The War Song
Throughout history, suspicion has always bred conflict. The real conflict, though, resides in people’s hearts. This conflict has just begun.
Track Name: Confederation Bridge
It was the ordinary youths
With extraordinary minds
Who saved the world
Track Name: Whale Escape
As it turns out, I do have a human heart. Because I get a bad feeling in my chest, just left of centre, when I think about you. I miss you terribly
Track Name: Judith Christ (Remix)
And listened to a cosy round of self-congratulation. (Aren't we doing well, Um?) Adapting. Adjusting. Coming to terms. And once again, I am shocked that we have not discussed a serious attempt to locate Earth and return there."
"Simmonds. We can't afford to waste our time on something scientifically impossible."
"Impossible? The impossible takes just a little longer, that's all, Commander."
Commissioner, we can't encourage false hope. All of us have had to come to terms with life here on Alpha."
Hope is the key to morale. We should maintain it, we should exploit it, ruthlessly, in order to achieve what should be our sole objective, going home."
Track Name: Inside
Since we’re feeling so unkind
Since we’re lost inside our mind
Now it’s time for something real